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Who are we

Welcome to the website of The Caledonian Society of London! Our watchwords are Charity and Fellowship. We meet formally six times a year, holding Little Dinners at The Caledonian Club in London SW1.

Very simply, we are a group of Scots in London. Some members are also involved in Scottish institutions in London. These include London Scottish Football Club in Richmond; members of Friends of Scottish Rugby; the congregations of Crown Court Church of Scotland in Covent Garden, and St Columba’s Church of Scotland, Pont Street near Knightsbridge; volunteers with the charities Scotscare and the Royal Caledonian Education Trust; and members of the London Scottish Regiment in Westminster. In addition, many members have worked or served in Scottish institutions.


We were founded just after Queen Victoria came to the throne. A group of Scots came together, and declared their aim to be the advancement of Scottish cultural and philanthropic interests. In 1859, the Society, together with the Highland Society of London, was the driving force behind the formation of the London Scottish Rifle Volunteers, which became the London Scottish Regiment, which is now part of a leading Army Reserve Unit today.


Just like our nineteenth century predecessors, we support two charities which have evolved like us in just under a hundred and eighty years:

1. Scotscare - A charity which provides a wide range of support to Scots in London including housing, education support, emergency grants and pensions.

2. Forces Children Scotland - An education trust supporting the children of Scots who are serving, or who have served, in the Armed Forces.

The two charities support Scottish recipients, and in the last ten years we have raised over £60,000 to support their work. In addition, members support the charities with tax-efficient giving, together with involvement as trustees and volunteers. It’s great to continue our history and traditions, enjoy good fellowship while supporting those in need.

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